Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer Saturdays

It's been a lazy summer Saturday for us. Daddy did a bunch of work around the house while the girls and I lazed around. Baby Bonnie is growth-spurting, she slept for THREE hours - longest nap ever! She had her first taste of rice cereal today and loved it.

We hit the thrift store yesterday and scored some awesome books! Daddy found a set of hundred-year-old encyclopedias (!), I got some awesome school readers from the 1960's for the girls and a baby food making book, and the girls scored a new Dr. Seuss book they didn't have. All for $10!

"Dick and Jane" books   

Cambria worked on creating a secret code for the rest of the family to crack! She spent the day writing messages in code in her journal.

How do you spend your lazy summer saturdays?

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